Bio For David Barry
Dave’s Tiki Studios

Hi, I’m David Barry, artist, tattooer, and owner of the new Dave’s Tiki Studios of San
Marcos, Tx. My shop is a reflection of my 20 years experience and knowledge which goes
much further than everyday traditional tattooing. With an education and apprenticeship
that allowed me to learn and work with the best of the best in the tattoo industry.
I grew up in the small town of Oswego, New York. My mother was a single parent of 6
and supported us with her artistic talents, painting murals and stage sets for the local
businesses and theaters. I always watched and mimicked her as she worked, eventually
following in her footsteps.
As the years passed, while running my own interior painting business, I started getting
more and more tattoos, getting to know the industry and the people in it. Soon it became
clear that I needed to focus my talents elsewhere, somewhere that would fit my life style
better. Biker/Metalhead tattoo collector to now Tattoo Artist!
First I went to “The World’s Only Tattoo School” in Michigan, that gave me my start. From
there, I opened my own shop in my home town of Oswego, NY, it was called “A Little
Rage”. After two years, I decided to close up shop, move to NJ and get myself into a shop
that would take my skills to higher levels.
With a lot of persistence and drive, I was able to get myself into a world class shop! And it
wasn’t easy! After returning week after week, I would return with a new portfolio of artwork
every time, from liners to finished drawings, showing them I am not a force that gives up
easily. I started getting tattoos from the guys in the shop, allowing them to get to know
me. Eventually, the offer came! I got in and ran with it.
Now I am a published, award winning artist. I moved my talents to the fastest growing city
in America, San Marcos, Tx, in the middle of the live music/biker/tattoo enthusiast capital
of the country. (Life is good!)
I would like to take the time to thank all of my customers, past and future, thank you for
being so awesome and I look forward to meeting all new customers to walk through my
door and welcome all into my shop/home, where I feel the tattoo experience should be
friendly and above all, comfortable and fun!